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Local area publications, 2014

JACKSONVILLE, FL. (DATE) – Industry leaders and businesses across the globe seeking to maximize profit and productivity are beginning to see how a healthy mindset is equal to, if not more important than human intelligence in the workplace.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, measures your ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. People with high EQ are generally aware of their emotions and how those emotions positively and negatively affect their behavior and that of others. Research has shown that 71 percent of hiring managers surveyed say EQ is a more crucial factor when evaluating prospective employees than IQ.

In her new book, The Power of EQ: Stronger Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence, noted corporate and lifestyle coach, Karen Nutter, teaches leaders and managers to empower themselves and their employees. By promoting and improving emotional intelligence, the author helps business professionals become more creative, organized, collaborative, and focused in all aspects of their professional and personal lives.

“The more you learn about yourself and how you relate to others, the more you earn! But the bigger picture statement is that EQ is something we all have to varying degrees that can be improved upon with practice; making our lives better in all areas.” – Karen Nutter

After an illness sidelined her thriving sales career, Nutter found her true calling as a corporate and lifestyles skill coach. As the founder and president of Coaching By Karen, she helps her business clients become more effective by enabling their employees to develop successful habits to increase their well-being and efficiency.

The Power of EQ is the perfect book for anyone in business interested in understanding how emotional intelligence applies to leadership and corporate success. To order a copy of the book and learn how emotional intelligence will translate into greater profit, please visit:

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