Internal IT and Marketing Newsletter

Diageo, 2009

Final: IS Dialogue Article for July Issue


The journey to D2011 touches every area of our business and, through the efforts of multiple enablers, work streams, and programs, we are well on the way to reaching our destination. The forward-thinking objectives that feed into our company-wide business goals are critical to our successful arrival in 2011, but there is one driving force that has no equal and without which there would be no journey or destination. That force is the Diageo consumer.


Getting closer to our consumers and keeping them close to us is what Marketing and IS are keenly focused on as we work to maximize our current marketing capabilities and drive new ones. Equally important is our focus on providing greater flexibility and agility within Marketing, leading to enriched consumer contact that will contribute to increased consumer loyalty and competitive advantage.


As IS and Marketing continue to be more strategically aligned, our existing Digital and Relationship Marketing efforts have become more effective, but these increasingly significant competencies remain underutilized. To that end, a major initiative to transform both Digital and Relationship Marketing is Project NEO. NEO encompasses the exploration and development of new solutions that will unleash the full potential of Consumer Data, Digital Marketing and Relationship Marketing at Diageo.


Through a phased approach that considers technology, process and policy changes, Project NEO will provide a truly valuable experience to consumers and change how we connect with them while better leveraging the data we hold about them. NEO serves the business requirements of marketers and marketing agencies in all brands, markets and geographies and will help drive several D2011 themes including Information & Analytics and Business Agility. In addition to Project NEO, we are committed to stabilizing our current consumer database environments and strengthening Digital and Relationship Marketing, particularly in the mobile and social networking space.


IS also supports the Marketing community through E-enablement, which deploys technology to support best marketing practices among Diageo marketers. E-enablement provides E-tools that help facilitate key marketing activities. For example, the first phase of the electronic enablement of DWBB automated the process used by marketing to build brand plans. The next phase will enhance the process further to provide better marketing content and facilitate greater collaboration. E-DWBB will increase marketing efficiencies, simplify marketing activities, and allow Marketers to access and globally share marketing game plans.


We are also leading a cross-functional business transformation program called Workplace 2011 that focuses on the workplace -- and employee -- of the future. Demographic trends, employees demands and general competition indicate we need to shift our ways of working to enable more flexibility in work practices, locations and styles.  Workplace 2011 will take shape based on input from many sources, such as a recent pilot in which we assessed the value of a more consumerised computing environment and examined the potential of Web 2.0 tools. The ultimate success of Workplace 2011, however, will be contingent upon process changes in many business areas and will depend on components of Infrastructure 2011, Architecture 2011 and the Global Security Initiative.


F09 finds IS and Marketing initiating and preparing for far-reaching and transformational change for our company and our consumers. Our dynamic partnership will ensure a triumphant journey to D2011and beyond.