CRM Siebel and Registration Changes Available Now to Enhance Function and Improve Business Controls

Internal email messaging, 2004

Author: Peggy McGuinness

This is a global communication to end users of the CRM Siebel application in IBM. This is one example of hundreds of similar communications developed over 4 – 5 years throughout the roll-out of the CRM Siebel application to thousands of IBM end users worldwide. I managed content development of these communications with a group of communications specialists representing all geographical areas and business units and had responsibility for final edit and approval prior to release via e-mail.


Audit Compliance (including R7.2a) Manager and End User Communications

FINAL WW COMMS for NA and EMEA 3/17:

Cutover Memo to Managers in NA

22 March 2004

CRM Siebel


CRM Siebel and Registration Changes Available

Now to Enhance Function and Improve Business Controls

Effective today, changes to CRM Siebel and the registration process for CRM Siebel users are in place. All CRM Siebel registration activities will now be executed in a single Registration Database (RDB) outside of the CRM Siebel application, and managers will be able to delegate registration activities at their discretion. The new registration process delivers functional enhancements that make the registration process easier to use and more flexible. You will continue to view registration status in CRM Siebel, but all changes will be made via RDB. In addition, this CRM Siebel release (R.7.2a) includes changes designed to address these key CRM Siebel audit and business control issues and improve Business Partner satisfaction.


Appropriate separation of duties (to make sure there are no conflicts in the functions an individual can perform)

Sufficient access controls, including areas such as currency, accuracy of job roles and responsibilities, excessive access, visibility, and termination

Appropriate record deletion, including the ability to identify who initiated the delete transaction

Compliance with IBM privacy requirements and standards

Compliance with IBM security corporate instructions and standards for security

Data quality, integrity, and audit trails

Business Partners will now have 5 business days rather than 3 to accept an opportunity and will no longer be required to provide an update at 10 days


Go to the What is new in CRM Siebel Release 7.2a page on WorkSmart for more information about what's new for you in this release.


Registration Enhancements

Prior to now, managers used CRM Siebel to perform standard registration activities, while other activities, considered "exceptions" to the standard registration process, were handled in the Registration Exception Database (ReDB). This process has changed so that registration activities will no longer be handled in CRM Siebel. Instead, the functionality in the ReDB has been enhanced to manage all registration activities and the database has been renamed the Registration Database (RDB).


The RDB has enhanced functionality that makes it easier to use and gives managers the flexibility to delegate registration activities at their discretion. Accountability for all registration activities remains with the manager, however. The following are some key benefits of the RDB:

RDB guides users through the process with questions and programmed workflow.

Users can initiate registration activities themselves, at management discretion.

RDB presents users with a list of only those Job Roles that apply to them, based on business unit selected. In CRM Siebel, users were required to select from a list of over 300 Job Roles.

RDB divides organizations into categories the users will recognize: integrated accounts, aligned

clusters, territories, geo/country/region, and sectors. In CRM Siebel, users were required to select

from a list of over 1,600 Organizations.

RDB handles all registrations, including multiple Job Roles and Organizations. CRM Siebel did not have this capability.

Important Note: Registration requests initiated in the former REDB will remain in REDB and will not be migrated to RDB. REDB requests will continue their normal approval workflow and will be processed by CRM Admin when fully approved. The ability to create new requests in REDB was suspended effective Saturday, March 20, at 9:00 a.m. (ET) in NA and EMEA in preparation for migration to the new RDB system. General availability for RDB is today, March 22.


Go to the Registration Database pages on WorkSmart to learn more about how to use the RDB.

To create a Lotus Notes connection document and Workspace icon for the RDB, click the following button:

CRM Siebel Registration Database – Americas


Important Reminder: Currently, CRM Siebel reports are not marked IBM Confidential. However, users and managers are reminded to treat all CRM Siebel application data and reports as such. Also, managers will also be asked to perform additional post-release activities in the coming weeks to help ensure that CRM Siebel will meet its compliance obligations. Thank you for your cooperation.


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